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unsist: To never stop

The verb "unsist", which means "to not stand still or, never stop", comes from "un-" + "-sistere" in Latin. Shakespeare invented 1700+ words in the common English language, and although "unsisting" (from Measure for Measure (IV.ii.1987-88)) never became very popular, it carries a deep meaning of persistence, and captures the essence of who we are.


Our Mission

To create technology for all Oil & Gas operations from exploration to production by developing proprietary tools that help Oil & Gas companies make better decisions, faster.


The Team

We are a team of international scientists and engineers, part of the NextAI Program, a global innovation hub for artificial intelligence. The program is partnered with Next Canada, Google Canada, IBM Canada and NVIDIA to leverage Canada's leadership position in artificial intelligence.


Meet the Founders

Dudon Wai

Dudon Wai

Co-Founder & CEO

Roi Shabshin

Roi Shabshin

Co-Founder & CTO


UNSIST Drilling Informatics

Understand your data from yesterday to compare well designs, find your fastest well, ideal operating parameters and reduce unproductive time.

Our proprietary algorithms generate customizable KPIs that matter to your organization, and make them accessible with an interactive visualization tool.

UNSIST Recommendation System

Optimizing operations is a hard problem. In order to find the right decision you will need to compare different projects, equipment, parameters and contractors.

We run machine learning algorithms on large amounts of data that find new patterns, trends and correlations to suggest new actions and policies that are right for you.

Unsist Blog

AI Meets Oil & Gas: Bringing Two Industries Together

What's In a Name?

via Unsist on November 13, 2017

For any Shakespeare fans out there, this quote from Juliet represents the idea that sometimes names don’t affect what the objects behind them really are. Now, the story of Unsist and the Creative Destructive Lab isn’t about star-crossed lovers...

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Countdown to Venture Day

via Unsist on September 13, 2017

The NextAI program officially began on February 20th, and soon comes to a close on September 20th. We’ve shared several times about our journey over the past months, and we’re sharing again...

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#NEXTFounderChats: Dudon Wai

via NEXT Canada on August 16, 2017

Q: Tell us about you and your venture! What was your inspiration for creating Unsist? A: I joined Shell as an engineer during the boom in 2013...

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July Update

via Dudon Wai on July 27, 2017

We hope you’ve had a great week! We’re just 2 months away from our Venture Day in September and we’re excited to share with you about our journey this far to bring technology to Oil & Gas!

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AI in Oil & Gas - Lessons from Self-Driving Cars

via Dudon Wai on May 22, 2017

Recently, we’ve talked about how AI can bring positive change to the Oil & Gas industry. While the promise of AI sounds incredible, many people have asked “What does it actually look like?”.

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Is Oil & Gas Ready for AI?

via Roi Shabshin on May 7, 2017

In this article I will share some tips for preparing wisely for the amazing algorithms AI has to offer. In the past decades Oil & Gas companies have been collecting enormous amounts of data. Unfortunately...

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Humans vs. AI in Oil & Gas

via Roi Shabshin on May 4, 2017

We’ve spent a lot of time meeting with different experts in the Oil & Gas industry. Every conversation we had about AI we have been asked the question: Is AI going to replace humans in Oil & Gas?

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Will AI replace jobs in Oil & Gas?

via Dudon Wai on April 23, 2017

With the increased popularity of AI in the headlines, it’s a question that’s on everyone’s mind. The answer is uncertain, but I highly doubt it — let me explain in a series of articles.

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